Rivers of blood in Moscow:
The Great Purge personified

Spatial distribution of executions in Stalin’s Moscow

Even though lump evidence of crimes committed by the Communist regime in Russia has been uncovered in the last two and a half decades all but none attention was paid to spatial analysis of executions in major cities.

The Memorial Society’s database of purges of Moscow residents in 1930s-50s enables me to map victims on a house-by-house level of detail.

Below is the map. Each dot is clickable and denotes at least one person, totaling 11170 people.

Writing on a wall, Moscow, Tverskaya Str.
Late March 2011 (source)

Disclaimer: Memorial Society shall bear the sole responsibility for the data used in this visualisation.
Source data is available here (in Russian), the table I derived from the source data can be conveniently accessed online at Google Fusion Tables (in English).